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New Song: Struggler

So, I don’t know how many of you have been keeping track, but five years ago today I recorded a song called “Sweet Home Cananada” at my parents’ house. I put it up under the name “Bomb the Music Industry!” for people to hear and was surprised to hear such a positive response.

To say that I can’t believe it’s already been five years since Bomb the Music Industry! started wouldn’t be true. I feel more like, “wow, I can’t believe that six years ago I WASN’T doing this.” I feel extremely fortunate for everyone I’ve met over the past five years, the people who have supported us (side note: on that tip, i feel especially grateful for meeting rick johnson and mustard plug who were ridiculously supportive of this project when NOBODY knew about it… years before bigger bands, booking agents, etc were knocking on our apartment doors) and the people who I’ve had the privilege of playing music with. It feels nice to know that we’ve formed a little community with all those bands linked on the side of this webpage, even if we don’t share the same genres or specific points of view. I am extremely grateful for the bunch of listeners who have been willing to give Bomb a chance, whether it’s been overdriven sequencers or 10+ piece ensembles. And of course, it’s been amazing to play with the people in this band, who I feel will always be family for the rest of our lives.

So yeah, it’s insane to think that six years ago, I didn’t have any of this.

Anyway, I figured it’d be appropriate to share this new song, recorded the same way as the first song: in my bedroom and bubbling with both the fear that everyone’s gonna think it’s stupid and enough tunnel vision (read: stupidity) to say, well, I couldn’t give a fucking shit if anyone does. Thank you for listening.

Thursday, December 24th, 2009 at 10:38PM.
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